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Who are Bedrock HR?

We are a solutions-based company who provides strategic and timely HR support for our clients. We are outsourced HR without the cost of an in-house department. 

We have worked with many professional services firms, including architects, surveyors, structural engineers, property advisors, accountants, financial advisors, insurance brokers, media purchasing, film post-production and recruitment consultants.

Common HR challenges facing these firms include determining and documenting responsibilities of directors or partners; finding high quality applicants; retaining qualified or experienced staff; determining pay and benefits; effective performance review; and ending employment with minimal cost and risk.

This is what we do. Review. Support. Minimise risk and cost.

We review of your needs,we get to know your business, ensuring the support you receive from us aligns precisely with your time scales, people challenges and documentation needs.

We become part of your team, always available to meet or offer professional advice as if we are there with you in the office.

“David first took the time to understand our business, plans and budget, and then advised us on what we needed, and equally importantly, what we did not need.”
Jamie Fergusson
Thomson Tyndall

Why HR?

Time. Statutory obligation. Risk. Cost. Retaining and recruiting people.

Many professional services companies know they have gaps in their people management procedures and policies and are concerned about obligations they face without truly knowing what they are.

HR is essential to minimising risk and helping to helping support you, your managers and teams in their roles.

How does it work?

We get to know you first. Call us and tell us about your business.

Next we review all you have in place already and listen to any immediate concerns you have.

And we work out provision that suits your needs.

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