Thinking About Flexible Working?

By Annabelle Davis

The new proposed bill petitioned in Government on Flexible Working will mean that employers will be forced to make all roles flexible by default. This is a hugely significant change for the working environment.

Currently the employee has to have been in a role for 26 weeks/ 6 months before they can request flexible working. But these requests are often met with a negative response and many employees don’t dare ask for fear of appearing less committed to the business. But is this fear warranted? Flexible working requests often are a sign of an employee wanting to remain in the workplace and maintain high standards; wanting to find a solution to time issues they may be facing.

Should the proposed bill go through, employees would be allowed to pick from a predefined list of flexible working arrangements available at their organisation, allowing for a solution to the precarious balancing act of home vs work to be reached, unless the organisation has a solid business case for why the role cannot be undertaken flexibly.

It has been argued that the bill will help close the gender pay gap – this is not just for women but men too. Flexible working can allow employees to spend more time with dependents and family for a greater work/life balance.

It allows employers to access focused and experiences individuals who may have taken a break but have highly sought after skills, looking to get back into the working world.

At Bedrock, we recognise that there are many benefits to flexible working which include:

Greater commitment from staff

Social responsibility

Work/Life balance

Improved wellbeing

Improved health

Decrease in staff absence

If you would like to talk through flexible working for yourself or anyone on your team, call Bedrock today for experienced advice on: 0203 3300827