Growing your business? 4 recruitment tips

Recruiting the right people can be a struggle… 

If you’ve struggled to recruit recently, then you’re not alone: over three-quarters of small businesses experienced recruitment difficulties last year, with managers and technical staff reportedly the hardest to recruit.*

Many of our clients have told us that they want to grow their business, but need help with their recruitment. So here are four ideas to get you started.

So what can you do? 

  1. Take time and personalise your recruitment approach:

    A new hire may be one of the most important decisions you take this year, so you need to invest time in it. Match your recruitment process to your potential applicants: is it a specialist role? managerial role? aimed at the graduate market, or requiring particular experience? Make sure the advert reflects this and keep the wording simple, honest and be clear on the essential requirements. Likewise you need to advertise where your ideal candidates will see it, whether that’s specialist job-boards; social media and face to face networking forums. If you already employ candidates in the right field, use their networks and consider employee referral benefits.

  2. Sell your brand and benefits: 

    You’re competing with other organisations so you need to sell why working for you is preferable. Make sure your adverts reflects the branding, values and ‘look and feel’ of your other channels such as your website and social media.  If you offer any employee benefits, make sure you include these in your advert.

  3. Use technology wisely: 

    The jobs market is changing all the time, as are the people searching in it.  Use social media and make connections on LinkedIn and Twitter, join online networks and jobs-boards of your specialist area and engage people who are enthusiastic and out of the ordinary. People have shorter attention spans online, so think digitally and use visuals, videos and infographics rather than text where possible.

  4. Get help to start you off:

    Small businesses don’t need to spend a fortune on large recruiters, but can have some expert help with your recruitment.  We at Bedrock HR can help with any stage of your process from job descriptions, sourcing, interviewing and brand and benefits to helping design employee referral schemes.  Come along to our next Bedrock Business Breakfast to find out more!

Remember, if you just keep things generic, you can only expect generic candidates!


*a study for CIPD and Hays recruitment,’Resourcing and Talent Planning 2015′.