How was your company’s 2016?

2016 is nearly over – a time for reflection and evaluation. Ask yourself these questions about your business in the past year:

If you could change one thing tomorrow about your team, what would it be?

Think quickly and go with your first answer – this is what’s bothering you!

What was your company’s vision for 2016? Do you think your people would know this if asked?

If your team don’t know where the company is heading, it can lead to a lack of motivation, but also lack of direction in their work. Are you clear on it yourself? Do you need to focus on strategy for the early part of 2017? Consider putting time in your diary now to focus on it, before other commitments get in the way.

How does it feel in your office now? 

Chances are, if you feel uncomfortable about a work dynamic, (or stressed, or excited, or bored, or exhausted etc.) then your team will be feeling that too. Don’t ignore your gut-reaction to office politics. Sometimes it needs to be handled to stop it spreading and affecting delivery and office morale.

Was your team size and structure in line with your goal for business growth in 2016?

Are you planning to grow your team next year? If so, how will you afford it? How will it affect the other roles? Consider how the team works as a unit, rather than replacing roles individually when the work increases. Sometimes a change in team structures and responsibilities can solve the problem rather than hiring.

What worked really well in your recruitment this year? 

How can you make sure this is captured and you do it again? If it was a process, write it down and keep for the next time you’re hiring so it’s not lost. Keep in touch with contacts who could help point you in the direction of future potential hires.

Choose one word that you would want people to describe you as a boss

Now think about whether you have lived up to that description this year. What will you do for next year to help you become more the leader you want to be?

On a scale of 1 – 10, how useful were your internal meetings this year?

Think about why you meet as a team, what you discuss and how regularly. Could these internal conversations be more effective?

Are you still paying your employees enough? 

Do you know what the industry average is for your employees? Have you had salary discussions recently with individuals? Consider doing planning a review in time for the next financial year to check that you’re offering a competitive salary.

What work-moment made your heart sink in 2016? 

Be honest. How did you deal with it? What changes did you make to prevent it happening again? Do your team support each other in their heart-sinking moments? Consider your company’s approach to risk and failure, and see if anything needs to change for 2017.

What work-moment made you jump for joy in 2016? 

Did you share and celebrate with your team? It’s important to acknowledge when something good has happened together and build on it for the future. Raise a glass to it at your Christmas party and look forward to more moments like that for 2017 – Cheers!

If any of these questions have got you thinking, then talk to us at Bedrock HR. We’re experts in all things HR for small businesses and can help move your organisation to the next stage.

Merry Christmas from the Bedrock HR team!