Making HR relevant

Human Resource (HR) management may be a new concept for many entrepreneurs, many of whom have not worked in larger organisations that have an in-house HR department.

However, David Mellard, Bedrock HR Director and Founder, describes HR management as “reducing the risks associated with employing people and maximising the potential benefits achievable from the people employed in the team”.

In practice, HR involves providing sound advice and managing a range of activities to be applied to all employers, both large and small.

Starting Bedrock

Five years ago, after a decade in senior HR positions in the University Sector, David started Bedrock, working with three SMEs in the property and finance sectors: “I provided a range of advice and support needed by all employers but without the costs associated with full-time in-house HR professionals”.

In case you are wondering, the name has nothing to do with the Flintstones (although David has a passing resemblance to Fred!): “The reason for the name is that I see the people in any team as the bedrock on which that organisation is built.”

Managing people effectively

David works with Claire, Sue and Catherine from Le Bureau, where several clients are also based. He explains: “I enjoy the energy created by being around dynamic young businesses at Le Bureau as well as spending time with clients both in their workplaces and numerous coffee shops!”

Professional services firms including accountants, property related services, financial advisers and investment managers have been joined in the Bedrock ‘stable’ by young tech-based companies involved with property rental, lifestyle, film and a number of charities and schools. “We love the diversity of our client base and although the challenges for each client are very different, the common denominator is that they all want to manage their people effectively within the law and make the most of their team.”

Services offered by Bedrock cover the whole employment life cycle from job design, advertising, recruitment, contracting and on-boarding through to managing performance and ‘life-changing events’ such as sickness, maternity, paternity and resignations through to changes brought about by financial challenges and changes in business focus which can mean redundancy or relocation.

COVID has increased the need for focus on remote working as well as engaging with staff about their hopes, fears and concerns. Bedrock have helped businesses, charities and schools to resolve conflict and engage in meaningful dialogue with their teams during this unprecedented year.

Workplace Health and Safety

We recognise that employers have significant responsibilities under Health and Safety legislation that they may not be aware of including, to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all employees, by provision of:

▪ A safe place of work, including access and egress

▪ A safe working environment with adequate welfare facilities

▪ Safe equipment and systems of work

▪ Safe use, handling, transportation and storage of substances and articles

▪ Information, instruction, training and supervision

▪ A written safety policy, with organisational responsibilities and arrangements (when there are five or more employees)

Mark joined Bedrock recently to provide guidance on all aspects of workplace health and safety and would welcome the opportunity to help you ensure that your obligations are being met.

From one-off projects to assignments on a retained basis

Each retained client has a dedicated HR Business Partner who is often the first port of call for business owners and their team members.

Claire plays this role for several clients and says “our biggest achievement is when a difficult situation is turned around because we have provided advice and then coached the client into putting that advice into action”.

This sums up the Bedrock approach which is hands on and addresses the issue but also has an eye on developing processes and behaviours that lead to managers being better equipped to do their job.

Get in touch to see how we can support you on your HR journey.