We are firm believers in mediation as a method of dispute resolution. Bedrock HR have CEDR accredited mediation available at short notice and have successfully mediated cases between colleagues in difficult circumstances.

Commercial mediation, i.e. between supplier/contractor and client is also available and may help you to avoid expensive legal fees.

David Mellard has highly developed interpersonal skills and is very able in deploying these attributes in a work situation. On one occasion when we were working together, a group of staff came to meet with us expressing feelings of injustice about their pay, honed no doubt during many hours of collective discussion prior to our meeting. Such feelings can be strongly felt and expressed but David quickly diffused any potential for a confrontational meeting through an open and friendly manner.

David displayed empathy for their concerns and feelings while also gently explaining the workings of the pay system; he highlighted its benefits to them over time while drawing a comparison with the potential alternative system they were seeking. Not all were immediately convinced requiring David to follow-up using his mediation skills with and between the parties leading to a successful outcome and acceptance of the current position.

Testimonial John Payne
John Payne
Director, Human Resources, University of Roehampton

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